On a Standard geyser there is only allowance made for the hot and cold water connection points.

A solar geyser has two extra connection points to connect the “to and from” points for the solar collector.

There are various products available to retro fit your existing geyser with collectors. Most of the products convert the geyser a direct system. Kwikot have recently developed an indirect conversion kit for Kwikot geysers not older than 3 years.

The problem with this conversion is that it is an “invasive” conversion – you have to “open” the existing geyser which can lead to complications. You have to remove the old flange that houses the element and thermostat and install a new flange that has got two extra connection points for the collector and an indirect heat transfer unit.

The Thermo Arm is a “non invasive” conversion system that is installed next to the geyser and converts any existing geyser into an Indirect Solar System. This system works on ALL TYPES of geysers no matter how old, and there is no need to “open” the geyser, avoiding unforeseen complications and headaches. The Thermo Arm can be custom made to fit any size geyser as well as industrial type boilers. To minimize heat loss, the geyser needs to be insulated with a geyser blanket.

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An incorrect installation can render the best solar product ineffective. 
It is imperative that the following factors be considered:

  • The orientation of the collector: collector should face true north, a deviation of 10 degrees east or west is acceptable.
  • The pitch of the collectors should be at latitude 10 degrees.  This orientation will give you maximum value for sun throughout the year.
  • It is important to note that evacuated tube collectors depend less on orientation than flat-place collectors.
  • Shade must not cover more than 10% of the surface area of the collectors during 09H00 and 15H00.

The correct installation of the solar system will provide a significant electricity saving.

To maximize the electrical saving potential of the solar system the following needs to be considered or implemented:

  • If electrical backup is used install a timer to only allow the backup to go on between 04H00 and 06H00 and between 16H00 and 18H00.
  • Install aerated shower heads and aerators in taps to reduce hot water consumption.
  • Insulate hot water piping to minimise heat losses and reduce the requirement for electrical back-up power.
  • Showering generally uses less water than bathing.
  • For health reasons your hot water system should provide water at above 55 degrees Celsius.
  • Savings can be maximized by using hot water in the evening rather than in the morning, for example by showering or bathing before going to bed instead of after getting up.

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